Producer & presenter

of original performance


An avid supporter of local independent creators, and an engaged community member.

We believe in social change and in the vital role that professional theatre has in contributing to that change.

Azimuth Theatre is a proud member of Tatawaw

Azimuth Theatre acknowledges and honours that we are on Treaty 6 territory, the original home of the Indigenous nations of the Cree, Nakota-Sioux, Blackfoot, Dene-Tsuu T’ina, and Métis. We strive to incorporate the treaty values of kinship and peace into all aspects of our work.

Azimuth Theatre is committed to reviving and practicing the spirit of TATAWAW, which means “Welcome. There is room”. We approach our work in the community and in the arts with mindfulness towards this tradition engaging in meaningful relationships, inclusive practices, responsibility and integrity in leadership, a growth mind-set, and a belief in abundance over scarcity. We believe our future will be stronger when everyone is welcome to the circle and we are eager to do the work to get there. We are all treaty people.