Artist-in-Education Programming

As we exited the 20th Century under the Artistic Direction of Sophie Lees, the dominant activity of Azimuth Theatre was touring social action theatre to rural secondary schools. (Many of those shows were being written by Chris Craddock three of which were published by NeWest Press in the book Naked At School.)

While Azimuth took a new direction after 2001, we did not immediately cease our touring of social action theatre to secondary schools.

The five projects listed on this page were part of our Artists-In-Education Program. All of these shows included post-performance discussions to connect our secondary school audiences with local support resources relevant to the play’s issues, and also included self-expression workshops run by Azimuth artists in the schools.

Metis Mutt

December 1, 2002

Written and performed by Sheldon Elter, 2003 This show, originally produced by One Little Indian Productions at Nextfest (and premiered in the Living Room Playhouse), is a solo work of strength and humour. This is a good example of a show that began in our little space (The Living Room Playhouse) and went on to other venues. We were lucky …


April 1, 2004 @ 8:00 am - April 30, 2004 @ 5:00 pm

By Chris Craddock Wrecked follows the story of Lyle, a hard working older brother, trying hard to spare his sister Susie the grief of dealing with their alcoholic mother. The play is peppered with “teen scenes”, exploring the consequences of irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol. The play never judges or condemns, but offers options towards responsibility. The text is …

Dungeon Master’s Handbook

January 14, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

By Rob Moffat Written by one of Azimuth Theatre’s founders play touched upon the resurgence of popularity in Tolkien and role playing games. The issue of the play is inter-generational violence. The mainstory follows a boy who has been transplanted into a new community, has no friends, and no outlet except for D&D. In the game he takes on heroic …

Making Out

January 14, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

by Ian Rowe and Chris Craddock A school tour on the topic of sex and sexuality telling the story of a young couple dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage as their single parents begin dating. Innovatively staged on a light-up set designed by Dave Fraser, with sound design by Aaron Macri. This show was a three-hander containing 11 characters. …


January 14, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

By Chris Craddock and Debajehmuhjig Theatre Group When we were touring to Native populations we wondered how richer the experience could be if it could be tailored to the Native experience. A draft of The Day Billy Lived was developed with The Debajehmuhjig Theatre Group of Manatoulin Island. Their ensemble worked the script with their elders and mental health professionals. …