What is AZ-MAP

Azimuth Theatre Mentorship and Apprenticeship Program

AZ-MAP is the pilot of an educational opportunity, with instructional pathways and self-guided education centred around the needs of individual emerging theatre performers, giving two participants agency in their education and achieving their professional theatre goals.

Will this program happen every year?

We are piloting this program with hopes of extending, developing it further to be an integral part of our annual or bi-annual programming.

How will applicants be selected?
  • Through an online application (reviewed by our selection jury)
  • Online interviews with jury
Am I expected to only work with Azimuth over the course of the program?

We hope that you will be able to focus on your work with Azimuth for an average of 20 hours a week, we know that as artists and collaborators, opportunities will come. If the hours and needs of the program are met, flexibility with other work and contracts can be negotiated.

More Questions?