Fairly Becoming

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Uncertainty, doubt, grief. Striving. Failing. Trying again.

Becoming is a dance theatre work that follows a woman finding herself in the face of the climate crisis. She struggles to comprehend the vast complexities of our changing planet and her place within it.

When climate depression is rife, how does one awaken to make more conscious choices? Becoming is a questioning of the feelings and issues arising around this urgent and emerging topic.

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece? 

Becoming comes from my curiosities and concerns around the changing climate of the earth. I often find myself dissociating when faced with the immensity of the topic. It is a vast, multi-faceted, polarizing and urgent issue which is challenging to make real contributions to. I’ve been particularly fascinated by the amount of possessions we own throughout our lifetime as I witness older family members slowly divesting. We discard and purchase plentifully, unaware of the short life cycles of our belongings. This led to research around fast fashion and the ways it preys on our sense of self and self image to further consumption and shorten the life spans of garments. Becoming was a way for me to take a look at these issues and begin to narrow down my feelings, beliefs and actions around them.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At? (What stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)

Becoming is in its formative stages; it is a small sapling of an idea growing in multiple directions. Each watering has pulled me towards new possibilities as I search for the strongest branch to perch on. The process of creation was ongoing up until its presentation and the ideas will have evolved from its initial writings. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experiment, expand and enrich my ideas – sharing it with you along the way is a gift. Thank you for being part of the journey of Becoming.

Approximate or Estimated Duration:
20 minutes

Warnings or Content Advisories:

Artist Credits:
Choreographer, Performer – Mayumi Lashbrook
Dramaturgy – Denise Fujiwara
Stage Manager – Kunji Ikeda
Lighting Design – Logan Cracknell
Costume Design – Alessia Urbani

Special Thanks:
Becoming has received generous support and in-kind donations from Toronto Dance Theatre’s Plug-N-Play Residency, Why Not Theatre, Suitcase in Point, Odyssey Theatre, fu-GEN and Fujiwara Dance Inventions.

Described Performances and ASL Available for select performances

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