Creature of Habit

by Sophie May Healey

Alienation. Transformation. Beautiful rage. Creature of Habit is a solo piece that is in part clown, dark comedy, satire, and cabaret. It tells the story of an isolated young woman as she tries to find ways to cope with her loneliness, which proves to be quite difficult. Time is passing rapidly outside, but it seems to move at a snail’s pace in the confines of her apartment. She finds herself approaching a good old fashioned descent into madness, and must find a way to free herself from her demons before she becomes one herself. 

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece?

(The seed of inspiration)

I’m inspired by tales of transformation, and the many wonderful and terrible transformations that one can experience. I’m inspired by feminine masks of Noh, Franz Kafka, and people who write articles about their internet addictions.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At?

(What stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)

I’m at a sapling stage, but I’m thinking of it as a bonsai, in that I’m probably going to tend to it for some time.

Approximate or Estimated Duration: 

60 Minutes

Warnings or Content Advisories

Body image, derealization, discussion of mental illness, suicidal ideation, peril

Artist Credits

Performer/Creator – Sophie May Healey

Director – Zac Strom

Stage Manager – Liz Page

Set/Costume Design – Logan Burns

Special Thanks:

Ben Healey, Karen May Healey, Jonathan Healey, June Fukumura, Sue Goberdhan, Morgan Yamada, Ren Calic 

Production History:

This is the first workshop presentation of the show!

Described Performances and ASL Available for select performances

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