Emerging Company Showcase

Since the beginning of the millennium, Azimuth Theatre has had significant success partnering in different ways with independent theatre producers in Edmonton.

Often those entities have been ad hoc / temporary initiatives, but sometimes they are persistent groups – slowly and surely incorporating themselves and building their reputations & audiences year after year like:

  • Kill Your Television
  • Bedlam Theatre Concern 
  • Panties Productions 
  • These Men Are Blacklisted 
  • Ribbit Productions 
  • Rabid Marmot Productions 
  • Tall Tree Theatre 
  • Emergency Architect 
  • Etcetera Theatre Collective 
  • And many more… 

In 2009, after an encounter with one such group, Azimuth Theatre conceived of formalizing these types of partnerships into an ongoing program dedicated to assisting these nascent producers in the process of establishing themselves. We believe that investing in emerging producers now pays dividends for the future: a community that offers opportunity for its younger generation of artists is likely to generate artists that care deeply about that community. We have formalized those types of partnership into The Emerging Company Showcase.

We provide for space for rehearsal & performance, FOH, box office support, marketing materials, a presentation fee, counsel and advise on practical company matters… then we get out of their way and let them produce because that’s what the whole thing is about. In this arrangement Azimuth Theatre is the presenter and overseer, but all responsibility for and ownership of artistic content belongs to the target company.

Emerging Company Showcase Recipients to Date

The Serial Collective’s Ladies Who Lynch by Jason F. Chinn 
Surreal SoReal Theatre’s Keeping Peace by Jon Lachlan Stewart
The Maggie Tree’s HROSES: An Affront To Reason by Jill Connell
Catch The Keys Productions’ Snout by Megan Dart
 Promise Productions’ Snow Globe Festival of Children’s Theatre
Good Women Dance Collective’s Convergence
Broken Toys Theatre’s Star Killing Machine (workshop and development) 
Broken Toys Theatre’s Star Killing Machine