Instructor Applications Now Open For AZ-MAP Program

What is the AZ-MAP Program?

The pilot of an educational opportunity centred around the needs of individual emerging theatre performers, giving two participants agency in their education to achieve their goals in professional theatre.

The program is a blend of:

  • Instructional classes
  • Self-guided learning
  • Apprenticeship based learning
  • Theatre process shadowing
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Artistic and administrative skill development

These skills will set participants up for success in their growing arts practices in their future endeavours.

AZ-MAP is here to help chart their course into a bright future.

Instructors responsibilities

  • Building class plans with the producing team
    • (Templates and Supports Provided)
  • Teaching classes online or in-person in relation to a performer’s experience.
  • Providing feedback to program participants
  • Creating and sharing of education resources to live on in perpetuity for AZ-MAP
  • Attend company training opportunities
  • Provide feedback to Azimuth Theatre on the program development and participation.

Requirements/Prerequisites for Instructors of the Program

Applicants are required to have experience in the professional theatre industry in reference to any number of the related topics as are listed below. Interested Instructors can apply to teach more than one course if they have the required experience. References may be required.

This is a guideline for the program structure

Flexibility and ongoing improvements will be made throughout the program dependent on instructor availability. We also welcome applications from practitioners whose specialties are not listed below; if you believe your practice could be beneficial to emerging theatre artists, please submit your application and let us know why!


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