Dance Curation by Molly McDermott

Presented as part of Azimuth Theatre’s Expanse Festival

“I am delighted to announce an evening of dance, featuring the exciting work created and performed by local artists, Skye Demas, Sandra Olarte and Tia Ashley Kushniruk & Christianne Ullmark. The participating artists bring their unique histories and virtuosity to the stage in a show not to be missed.

While all three artistic teams and corresponding pieces have their distinct aesthetics, I believe they all address time and space in a way that only dance can. Time and space can be stretched in one moment and condensed in another. I am excited by this possibility and interested in how this is exhibited in each work.

I see Interchange as a young forest. A thriving ecosystem of plants and trees at various stages in their process, available to exchange and share with one another.”
-Molly McDermott

See all curated pieces together on March 24th, March 26th – Skye Demas New Work, March 31th – where the tide meets the stream & Fragmented Journeys

Fragmented Journeys

A combination of aerial circus arts, contemporary dance, and theatre, “Fragmented Journeys” presents a series of glimpses into the everyday journey of life. The small interval of time the artists share with us is but a fragment of their personal journey.

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where the tide meets the stream

The presentation of this work is directly related to the process of its remounted creation. By this I really mean that all that is ‘unseen’ – collaborative history, memories, language, and so on – ‘now’ becomes ‘seen’ through the lens of the physical effort employed by moving objects through space. We will witness the performer in states of contemplation, problem solving, surrender, and suspension, as she allows the objects belonging to the physical world to take her on a journey to the “fifth dimension”.

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ᑲᓇᒋᒋᑫᐃᐧᐣ Kanacicikewin – Cleanse By Skye Demas

The inspiration for my piece stems from my cultural background and teachings. I am of Cree descent, and this piece focuses on my take of how we cleanse through smudging. Our mind, heart, spirit and physical being cleanse with our prayers to the Creator. I took a lot of physical inspiration from the way the sage burns, as well as the actual smoke we see moving through the air. Within the smudging, how we ask for guidance from our ancestors and animal brothers and sisters was also in mind while creating movement.

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