Lab #22: Collaging Nowhere: Building a script from a thought – Kijo Gatama

Collaging Nowhere “Figuring it Out” is a workshop on seeing it till the end, and “starting” and “completing”!

The Lab

Collaging Nowhere “Figuring it Out” is a workshop on seeing it till the end, and “starting” and “completing” whether that be a project, an abandoned idea, or letting go one, or simply collaging. Collaging has been a way for me to let go of editing, and throw things at the wall, seeing what lands and picking up pieces from poems, old scripts, and scraps around the house to make a visual manifestation of a thought. We’re going to use the art form of collaging to release the pressure of writing, building a story, and creating a visual piece.

Three tools of collaging we’re exploring: blackout poetry, scene mix-tape, and a handmade collage.

We may feel there is too many things to do at once, and get overwhelmed by it. But I want this workshop to be on how writing is not a single sitting moment, it’s a constant response to your environment.


ASL Interpretation and Auto-Generated Captions will be provided

Pay What You Will

Suggested Donation of $10

What Do You Need To Join?

Your self

A Device To Zoom In On

An Internet Connection

You will need scissors or your bare hands, assortment of paper, magazine clippings, receipts, and wraps you having lying around.

No editing once glued do not brood over it.

About your Lab Instructor

Kijo Gatama

Hi, I’m Kijo. I am an aspiring multi-disciplinary artists. Visual arts has been apart of my life since we were kids in Kindergarten, now I am going back to the days where doodling, colouring books, painting, and free form art was a simple way to release and imagine. This workshop aims to incorporate what I have been learning about writing and building scripts into a tangible visual art form. To show different ways in which we can begin and end. Our thoughts are powerful and simplifying to later give it room to erupt into a piece is of the most exciting part of creating.

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