Lab #5: Indigenizing Performance Spaces – Sissy Theissen Kootenayoo

This session will explore, inter-cultural relations and bolster respectful practices in theatre and alike shared spaces

The Lab

Inter-cultural relations and bolstering respectful practises in theatre and alike shared spaces

  • Appropriate terminology for Indigenous Peoples, the traditional name for Edmonton, Papaschase, Treaty borders in AB
  • How to smudge & benefits of having smudge in participants’ performance & rehearsal spaces
  • Medicines & their uses
  • How to and why one offers protocol
  • Differences between Indigenous keepers of knowledge and their titles
  • Building relationships & rapport: showing up and practising allyship
  • Standard alcohol-free practises and how to get around this while still earning bar sales
  • Caring for Costuming
  • Opportunity for questions

Pay What You Will

Suggested Donation of $10

What Do You Need To Join?


  • Your self
  • Something to take notes
  • A Device To Zoom In On
  • An Internet Connection



  • ASL Interpretation and Auto-Generated Captions will be provided online

About your Lab Instructor

Sissy Theissen Kootenayoo

Sissy Thiessen (THEE-SEN) Kootenayoo (KOO-TEN-AY-YOO) is a Treaty 6 Nakota (NAH-KO-TAH) Sioux (SOO) Cree & German cultural educator, powwow dancer, performer, multidisciplinary artist and instructor. She has shared her teachings, knowledge and offerings all over Turtle Island on stages in New York, Montana, Alberta Legislature, Edmonton City Hall, Edmonton Folk Festival and at various marches, rallies & community events.

Since 2014, Sissy has been living and working as an Indigenous artist, performer, producer, community leader, and facilitator based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She operates her own Indigenous cultural education and performance business- Wase Saba Experiences and lives her passion of educating audiences from all around the world on Treaty 6 Indigenous history, issues, and culture.

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