May 18, 2020 Azimuth Theatre/Theatre Alberta Community Check-in Meeting Minutes

1:34 p.m. MST Meeting called to order


Vanessa Sabourin delivers Treaty 6 land acknowledgement and rules of engagement for community meetings.


These meetings will NOT be recorded and folks will always have the option to make any information shared confidential if they so choose.


Upcoming May meeting:

Monday, May 25 at 8 p.m. MST


Register for all future meetings:



Rules for engagement for Azimuth Theatre/Theatre Alberta Community check-ins:


  1. This space is meant to be a respectful space, a kind space, a safe space. There are many differences in experiences and methods of processing during this very tumultuous time. While we are encouraged to express ourselves, please be mindful of language and remain open to other perspectives.
  2. Please respect Confidentiality. For the purposes of these conversations, we will default to ‘Personal is Private’. Do not share anyone else’s personal story unless given direct permission to do so. If you are sharing a personal story that you don’t mind being shared by others in different contexts please indicate so. PLEASE NOTE: Though these sessions are not recorded, the chat room is public and is possible to be saved by any member of the meeting.
  3. Feel free to leave when you wish. If you need to leave the meeting early, no problem! But please, send us a little note to indicate that you are alright, otherwise we will follow up with you to make sure you have support.
  4. We will be taking minutes and posting them publicly. These minutes are for resources shared and any general questions that may be relevant to the community at large or the members in the meeting. Please indicate if you are sharing a resource, or any other information, that you DO NOT wish to be made public. WE WILL NOT share any personal stories unless explicitly expressed as a desire to be shared publicly.
  5. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, Jake Tkaczyk is our contact. He can be reached at

Please keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking, or otherwise agreed upon by the group.


Resources shared:


Upcoming online performances:





COVID-19 related resources:


Edmonton community “helper” list. Add your name or check it out for folks who are able to help with grocery shopping, dog walking, company, etc.


Canada Council/Canadian Heritage Emergency Funding


LEAN (Leadership Emergency Arts Network) program is offering great mentorship for organization in crisis planning



Emergency Wage Subsidy spreadsheet



What happens now when folks get sick in our rehearsal halls? Perhaps the fitness community is a model to look to.


Online classes:

D’bi Young Anitafrika free Masterclass online



Local businesses that are awesome and can use support right now:

Maki Maki



There is so much yeast at Earth’s General Store


Also: Jake has discovered the perfect cinnamon bun recipe and it is the Sugarbowl’s! Email him for the recipe at



3:02 p.m. MST Meeting adjourned










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