Sansei: The Storyteller

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On December 7, 1941, an attack on Pearl Harbour triggered events in Canada that may easily be described as among the darkest in our history – the internment and dispossession of tens of thousands of Japanese Canadians. Through an engaging blend of dance, spoken word and loads of humour, Kunji Ikeda weaves a tale that is illuminating and profoundly personal. Sansei: The Storyteller offers Ikeda’s observations about the internment, his own discovery of where he came from, and how Japanese Canadians found peace. A multi-award winning ‘masterpiece’ from a storyteller like no other. Audiences across the world have connected with the uplifting message of hope and perseverance.

This performance contextualises and educates by looking at some fundamental Japanese Canadian ideologies that can bring us together.

Sansei uses dance, theatre and humour to investigate and contextualise the silver linings behind one of the darkest times in Canadian history.

Approximate or Estimated Duration: 

55 Mins

Warnings or Content Advisories

Strobe effect, CW Japanese Internment & mild nudity.

Artist Credits

Created and Performed by Kunji Ikeda
Stage Management by Mayumi Lashbrook
Costume Design by Joanne Ikeda

Described Video Available