The Lobbyists

The shadows of people on a sunny concrete path, with a orange and yellow glare across the image.

The Lobbyists

Movement, Storytelling and Found Spaces.  

Join performer/creators Janira Moncayo, Lauren Murray, Colby Stockdale and Zachary Strom as they explore the serendipitous and strange nature of life and personal history. Conceived as an organically evolving collaboration between Sophie Healey, Amber Borotsik and the performing ensemble, this year’s performance will be shared in three distinct parts and inhabit found spaces in, around and outside the Westbury Lobby.     Each piece will be performed as a standalone work and can be experienced on its own, or enjoyed throughout the festival as a moving, breathing work in three parts. We hope you can come along on this journey with us! 

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece?

(The seed of inspiration)

We are exploring the creation of three distinct pieces that exist in relation to one and other, similar to a Triptych. Creator Sophie Healey introduced us to the word Sonder, a term that originated in the German language that refers to the complex inner lives of the individuals around us, and this is also an inspiration. To create together, to allow our encounters as an ensemble to change and impact what we create and to explore the circular – these are our curiosites.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At?

(What stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)

All of this is new creation! A creation ensemble brought together for the first time ever to create three new, site specific works. Perhaps this makes us a sapling 🙂

Approximate or Estimated Duration: 

 We will be building these pieces to exist between mainstage shows.  They will be different durations.  One will be durational and so will last approx 30 mins or as long as it needs to. 

Warnings or Content Advisories

 Potential surprises similar to a Jump Scare.  The content will not be disturbing however.  Examples: party goers shouting  “Surprise!”  or a balloon filled with confetti being popped.

Artist Credits

Janira Moncayo

Lauren Murray

Colby Stockdale

Zachary Strom

Sophie Healey