Where the Two-Spirit Lives

Where the Two-Spirit Lives is part memoir, part drag extravaganza focusing on the resurgence of the Two-Spirit identity. It is a one person drag show encompassing movement, storytelling, and lots of lip synching.

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece?

(The seed of inspiration)

This play has been a passion project for several years, something that has taken a whole lifetime to come to fruition. I am inspired by the matriarchs who raised me, the women who taught me what strength and resilience looks like. The show is inspired by cultural revitalization, self-actualization, and drag-determination! This show is an exploration of intersectionality, urban displacement, and queer liberation. I wanted to find a way to use humour as a means of healing intergenerational trauma. To honour Queer resistence. To celebrate Indigenous joy. To allow myself to take up space, as I search for exactly Where the Two-Spirit Lives.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At?

(What stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)

Not a girl, but not yet a woman. All she needs is time. A moment that is hers. While she’s in between. In other words, a big ‘ol Indigiqueer shrub.

Approximate or Estimated Duration: 

60 Minutes

Warnings or Content Advisories

Mature subject matter including coarse language and discussions of gender dysphoria and colonial violence.

Artist Credits

Playwright / Performer – Marshall Vielle
Director – Barry Bilinsky
Stage Manager – Benton Neufeld
Set Design – Deonie Hudson Jensen
Sound Design – Kathy Zaborsky
Dramaturgy – Gail Hanrahan

Special Thanks:

Meg Braem and the Alberta Theatre Projects Playwrights Unit
Jay Whitehead and Theatre Outre
Corey Payette and Urban Ink
Sean Guist and Intrepid Theatre
Calgary Arts Development
Lyvia Hughes
Teddy Syrette
Lynne Crow
Isabelle Comanda
Maya  Manygreyhorses
Mama Jay and Granny Joyce

Production History and Marshall’s work in the local Two Spirit Drag Community:

Intrepid Theatre – OUTstages:

The Calgary Journal:

Described Video Available