Performance Lab # 17: Body, Theatricality, and the Creative Space

Sunday, February 11 at 11:00AM – 12:30PM Facilitated by Majdi Bou-Matar and Pam Patel of MT Space
in the Westbury Theatre
Pay What you Will at the door

This workshop focuses on the body presence, movements and actions in the creation space. It explores how the collective physical presence and interaction on stage could lead into powerful theatricality. It looks at how the idea develops, alongside emotion and movement to achieve a creative moment. Starting from simple improvised everyday gestures and actions the workshop will lead participants to move beyond the usual into unexplored ways of body expression.

Performance Lab at The Chinook Series
This weekly, drop-in, pay-what-you-will, performance training and professional practice session is moving to the heart of Old Strathcona to soak up some mid-winter heat at the Chinook Series.

In partnership with Citadel Theatre and Foote Theatre School, Azimuth is now offering a performance training laboratory for artists who are interested in a long-term, exploratory, physical practice to enhance, supplement, and complement their performative and creative capacities.

A blend of methodologies, these sessions are for artists who are committed to technique, discipline, curiosity, and play. They are set at a professional training level; however the only prerequisite for the class is a commitment to the rigours of the work. For actors, directors, creators, stage managers, playwrights, dancers, performance artists, teachers, technicians, visiting artists, emerging artists, as-yet-undefined artists, administrators, engaged and active community members.

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