Performance Lab #30 with Janine Waddell

WHEN: Sunday, June 3, 2018
TIME: 11am-12:30pm
WHERE: in the Citadel Theatre’s Classroom B in the Foote Theatre School. Please enter via the Foote Theatre School doors at the south side of the building. Doors will be open by 10:45 a.m.

Pay-what-you-will at the door. Cash/credit/tap card only ($5-$10 recommendation). Drop in! Wear clothes you can move in.

A director and certified movement instructor since 1991, Janine Waddell has drawn from her experience in both dance and theatre to develop her stage combat curriculum. She has travelled extensively for her training in theatrical unarmed and weapon based violence, going wherever the best Fight Masters are based. She is currently an internationally certified Advanced Actor Combatant with FDC and SAFDi and a certified Actor Combatant with SAFDi, BASSC and NSF.

Janine is an active member of the Edmonton Theatre Community and its budding Film Industry, having choreographed the violence and intimacy for over 50 plays and films in the past five years. Her passion lies in teaching new talent; putting swords in the hands of young people all over Alberta. Janine graduated from the Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts program eons ago and is a proud mother of four.

This class will cover invaluable knife skills for stage and screen. The curriculum is drawn from a compilation of both martial ideas and international stage combat concepts. Weapons provided.

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