Performance Lab: A sustainable creative practice with Erin Pettifor

Join Erin for a sustainable creative practice lab. Explore self-care, agency, boundaries, play, safety, & connection in a supportive space.

The Lab

A sustainable creative practise w/Erin Pettifor Participants are invited to take part in an hour and a half long exchange with each other and myself. In this performance lab we will bring self care to the forefront of the explorations and discussions. Participants will engage in exercises influenced by individual internal cues, internal listening for safety, and the desire to engage/disengage with one another through play and movement. Through embodied inquiry, we will explore what feels like agency, boundary, play, safety, and connection. Peppered into the lab will be points of discussion. How do these embodied explorations relate to our evolving sense of identity as an artist? Drawing on what our needs are as individuals and artists, how can we make room for all that we are in the endeavor to pursue a creative lifestyle?

*Folks under 18 need an adult to attend with you!

Pay What You Will

Suggested Donation of $10

What Do You Need To Join?

In Person

  • Your self
  • A journal/pad of paper & pen/pencil for moments of reflection if they have the desire to jot things down.
  • Wearing flexible clothing and layers will be important for the activities


  • Your self
  • Paper & Pen or Note-Taking Device
  • Wearing flexible clothing and layers will be important for the activities
  • A Device To Zoom In On
  • An Internet Connection


In Person


  • ASL Interpretation and Auto-Generated Captions will be provided online

About your Lab Instructor

Erin Pettifor (she/her)
Erin Pettifor is an emerging queer theatre artist based in Amiskwaciwâskahikan/Edmonton. In the 2023 Edmonton Fringe she premiered her show Stigma, Pistil and Style in a Wee Witches and Toy Guys co-pro. Erin performed in Larrikin Entertainment’s new musical, WYRD. She has co-created multiple physical theatre pieces for various festivals. She has several performance credits from the Edmonton Fringe Festival and independent local productions. Erin has a BFA in Acting from the U of A and a diploma in Theatre Performance and Creation from RDC. She celebrates art in its many forms for its ability to honor the human experience.

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