By Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow 2004, 2005

A two person show dealing with the issue of mourning is a universal theme, as everyone has lost someone at some point and all humans struggle with the inevitability of death.

We feel furthermore that the North American mourning rituals are insufficient in scope to allow for true healing. Thus we have a tremendous population, in the throes of mourning, without social permission to do so, with the restorative effects of the funeral process far behind, and no further help in sight. Drugging oneself for any sort of pain seems to be another widespread North American practice, and this is not limited to medical ailment.

What are the private rituals, conscious and unconscious, that accompany the North American mourning process and how do we truly allow ourselves to let go and move on? After showing at The Living Room Playhouse the play was invited to The Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2005

Awards / Recognition
Sterling nomination for Best New Work

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