Absolute Blue

By The Groove Co-op, 2006

This project began as the Four-In-Currency Project that was initiated to explore the idea of money, how money defines us as individuals and as a society.

Through a series of turns the narrative revolved around the story of a band rehearsal. With dramaturgical reorientation the narrative focus turned around the themes of “second chances”. With an influx of stories about natural disasters (tsunamis, hurricanes, floodings) in the news, it was decided to explore this story in the context of a fictional Edmontonian natural disaster… a freak snowstorm with whiteouts, blackouts and extreme weather.

The intention was to exploit an Edmonton January and to use real snow, real cold, real dark. The universe played a little joke on us though and gave us the mildest, warmest, non-snowiest January ever. Ha ha.

We did not know it at the time, but the project personnel and process for Absolute Blue would lay the foundation for another project six years later called Apocalypse Prairie.

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