Apocalypse Prairie: The Book Of Daniel

By The Groove Co-op, 2012

Apocalypse Prairie is what happened when a theatre company was guided by the rules of musicians rather than the storytelling idioms of theatre.

In practical terms it meant abandoning plot, character, conflict, and other elements that theatre artists obsess about, and embracing flow, lyricism, and ensemble… to follow the example of a band, to create a show that was more like a listening party for an as yet unheard concept album.

The concept of the album being: The Province of Alberta expressed through the idiom of music, a theatrical piece of music that explores the historical, cultural, political, and psychological landscape of Alberta.

This project was unique for us as usually we look to music to support our theatrical storytelling. In Apocalypse Prairie we began with the music with songs about dinosaurs, childbirth, tombstones, and rats with text from Emily Murphy, Joe Clark, William “Bible Bill” Aberhart, Preston Manning, Bob Edwards, bus ads, conversations overheard in art galleries, etc.

Awards / Recognition
 Sterling Awards nominations for Outstanding Score & Outstanding Musical Director 

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