By Chris Craddock, Songs and lyrics by Aaron Macri, 2003, 2004

BoyGroove is perhaps the most extreme example of a show that went on to be recognized in other locales. It is unlikely that the thousands of people that saw the cast sing the National Anthem at a Blue Jays home game while the show was running in Toronto, would have guessed that the show began in our little space.

This show was a collaboration with Edmonton’s Ribbit Productions. It explored the world of celebrity and shallowness offered by the boy band phenomenon. BoyGroove was written by Chris Craddock, with songs by Aaron Macri and directed by the Ribbit’s guiding force, Kenneth Brown.

This show aims its criticism of popular culture’s most facile heroes, the pre-fab pop star. The production was a high-energy pop musical, requiring triple threat talent from all four actors. They had to dance and sing in boy band style, as well as possess the range necessary to play a variety of characters in rapid combination.

This project increased Azimuth’s visibility within the City and on the National scene a great deal. It was held over in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, and continues to be remounted. It is arguably the most popular Azimuth Theatre work in our 25-year history.

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