Written and performed by Chris Craddock, 2003

This show was a co-production with Catalyst Theatre and was presented at Catalyst Theatre’s space. This show begins with a comatose man bemoaning the lack of engagement his position provides him. He is a theatre artist named Chris, who suddenly gains the ability to read minds. His new gift comes with a price, causing spells that worsen until the comatose state he find himself in at the start of the play becomes permanent.

The character is loosely based on Craddock himself, and he imagines the show he would write about how he got in that hospital bed if only he could. Interrupting his imaginings are the minds of his fellow patients, who tell their own tales of unfulfilled dreams, that come true, if only within their minds. The show therefore exists on many levels, reality and unreality intermingled until it is hard to tell one from the other.

The show featured an interactive video design by Ian Jackson.

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