God’s Favoured Child – A Rant

By James Hamilton, 2007

Written and performed by Edmonton’s James Hamilton, this was the comical story of a man transformed from white-collar to homeless vagrant, and how God smiled at his fall.

The show is about Benjamin who tells us the story of how he went from being a have to a have-not. The setting was an urban street corner where a guitar/fiddle/saxophone playing busker (played by Cam Boyce) is at work. Benjamin arrives to deliver his message: that he has been selected by God to be the one who is always falling down. Like Job, because he suffers such perpetual misfortune, he must therefore be God’s chosen. He occupies the bottom rung so that we don’t have to. The subject matter is tragic, but the show is comic.

This production combined three hallmarks of Azimuth Theatre’s mandate. Firstly, Azimuth Theatre strives to produce theatre that examine society with a critical gaze and hopefully provokes social change by doing so. Secondly, Azimuth Theatre strives to produce original work by Edmonton based creators about stories relevant to an Edmontonian experience. Thirdly, it incorporated a live musician into the show.

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