Hockey Stories for Boys

by George Szilagyi, 2005, 2008

This project began with the need for a hockey story that was an alternative to the plethora of stories that essentially boiled down to millionaire players squabbling with billionaire owners.

Hockey stories have the capacity to speak to so much more than just what happens on the ice. Hockey Stories For Boys is a Canadian play through and through. It is intensely passionate and presents a number of different facets of both the game of hockey and of Canada.

This project was an example of the way we liked to use the Living Room Playhouse. We test-drove the first production, workshopped it, fully rehearsed with all elements from rehearsal to publicity to audience, but the initial production was conducted with a deliberate aesthetic of roughness.

After completing the initial run, we received a commitment from Theatre Network to present the play in the Roxy Performance Series.

Awards / Recognition
Sterling nomination for Best New Work

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