By the ETC Collective, 2004

This one-man show was developed by ETC Theatre Collective at Mutton Busters in Calgary (part of OYR’s High Performance Rodeo), ETC’s “Threshold”, and Nextfest 2004. Azimuth’s presentation arrangement with ETC provided them with publicity, box office support, and a presentation fee in exchange for a split of box office.

This original work presented a Chemist informing the audience of the fruits of his research while being continually interrupted by the perpetual discovery that he is perpetually done something wrong that he is perpetually trying to remedy.

The style of the show focused on the protean and plasticized acrobatic acting of Aaron Talbot while the script weaved between the realities of dream and wake towards the horrifying realization that both he and the audience are trapped forever in a drug induced state of artifice.

This production then went on to a Canadian Fringe tour in the summer of 2005, and while ETC was generous enough to carry our logo on their marketing in recognition of our support in developing the show, the fringe tour was not an Azimuth production.

Awards / Recognition
Sterling nomination for Best Collective 

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