Saying Sorry Is Not Enough

By Tall Tree Theatre, 2011

This work was a spectacle of horror based on found texts relating to stories of European – Americas contact. Beginning with the words of the Angel to Mary, to the formation of the Papacy, the spreading of Christianity & Smallpox to the New World, through to the testimony of Residential Schools Survivors, Saying Sorry Is Not Enough intends to correct stories of the past.

In this collaboration with Tall Tree, Azimuth took the position of little brother to learn a different way of creating, telling, and understanding stories. We were asked to think of stories as binding as contracts, as medicine with the capacity to heal the wounds of a community.

It caused us to reflect on the general manner in which we create our stories, and to question whether we treat stories as diversions, escapes, and commodities. The blend of soft-seat theatre with around-the-fire storytelling disassociated the audience’s sense of space, time, and proportion.

The general consensus from our audience was that it was one of the scariest experiences they have ever had in a theatre.

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