Sister Sukat & Brother Platypus Go To The Sea

By Spirot & Khiara Quigley

This show was an adaptation for young audiences of a previous work Su-Kat (also by Spirot (aka Steve Pirot)). It was presented at The Snow Globe Festival of Children’s Theatre with Sydney Gross playing the role of Su-Kat: a 10 year old girl named Suzanne who is a cat when she dreams.

The idea of the adaptation was originally conceived after the initial production of Su-Kat with the intent of capitalizing on the animation work of Matt Schuurman (aided by the illustrations of Mark Jenkins) and to completely reshape the dreaming/waking dichotomy.

In this reworked version, all adult points-of-view are expunged, there is a singular protagonist, the story only takes place in The Empire of Sand (aka the dream world), and the play was halved in length. Khiara Quigley provided expert dramaturgical advice on what it means to be a 10 year old girl… because she was a 10 year old girl at the time.

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