The Tall Building

By Jill Connell, 2009

Co-produced with the playwright, this production was in many ways the largest in Azimuth Theatre’s history.

In addition to the stage play The Tall Building, there was also The Tall Building Project which included the work of illustrators, the production of a zine, a collaboration with writers of short fiction broadcast on CJSR, solicitation of stories from people who live and work in tall buildings, a parkour/free running demonstration, visions of the future collected from elementary school children, and a postcard campaign.

The website was built especially for the production and continued to maintain the project for two years afterwards. The play tells the story of the collision of three characters inhabiting a tall building in a city on fire. The three characters meet through a series of interlinked, episodic vignettes: Sulla, a woman with one pair of pants and a mysterious secret; a home-schooled boy who lives across the hall; and an assassin looking to become a legend.

The play was staged on a three-story scaffolding structure and incorporated hanging silks.

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