Submission call for Edmonton-based performers

Theatre Yes and Azimuth Theatre are accepting submissions from Edmonton-based actors for roles in the world premiere of TELL US WHAT HAPPENED by Michelle Robb. Submissions due by September 10, 2019.

For the past three years, 21-year old Charlie and her two roommates have been running a secret online girl group called “Tell Us What Happened”, which now has over 400 members. Tensions rise when a few members realize they have all been sexually mistreated by the same guy — and that guy happens to be Charlie’s best friend. As the girls try to resolve the situation on their own, their beliefs are put to the test and they are forced to question what the group stands for.

**Content Warning: TELL US WHAT HAPPENED deals with issues of consent, sexual assault, and mental health**

Auditions as being held for the following roles:

CHARLIE 21 years old. Leader and founder of the secret online girl group, “Tell Us What Happened”. Her life experiences forced her to grow up faster than she should have.

ZOEY 20 years old. “Tell Us What Happened” administrator. Loud, boisterous, and impatient, but not as strong as she makes herself appear.

LEAH 17 years old. Member of “Tell Us What Happened”. Sweet, opinionated, and eager. Really looks up to the members of the group.

PIPER 21 years old. “Tell Us What Happened” administrator. Quirky, awkward, and smart. Shy around everyone until you get to know her. Constantly doubts herself.

JOSH 22 years old. Best friends with Charlie. Charismatic, friendly, caring. Aspiring teacher about to finish his Education degree. Has a skewed understanding of consent.


TELL US WHAT HAPPENED runs May 14-24th 2020 at La Cite Francophone in Edmonton. Rehearsals calls will be part-time (20-hrs a week) April 20th – May 3rd and on a regular full-time schedule May 5-14th.

Audition Dates and Times

Friday Sept 13, 7:00 – 9:30 PM
Saturday Sept 14,5:00 – 9:30 PM
Sunday Sept 15, 5:00 – 9:30 PM

Actors will be asked to read from sides provided at the audition.

To submit email with TELL US WHAT HAPPENED in the subject line and your resume and photo attached. Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition.

Theatre Yes and Azimuth Theatre are professional theatre companies that engage professional artists. CAEA members will be offered DOT contracts. Non-members will be offered contracts commensurate with CAEA, G house scale. Theatre Yes is an affiliate of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and as such provides working conditions of the standards outlined by Canadian Actors Equity.

Theatre Yes and Azimuth Theatre encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders and abilities.

              PLEASE NOTE: Actors must be Edmonton based. Travel and accommodation will not be offered.


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