The Living Room Playhouse


In early 2000, after having to vacate from an office on Jasper Avenue (due to a fire in another tenants’ space) Azimuth moved into a space at 11315 106 Ave. The space offered a front office and a large concrete workroom in the back which sufficed sometimes as a rehearsal space.

In 2001, GM Andy Laskwisky and Artistic Director Chris Craddock converted the concrete workroom into a small intimate theatre, which in years to come would be called The Living Room Playhouse.

As a company that focuses its activity on the creation and presentation of new work, The Living Room Play House had been essential in Azimuth Theatre’s impressive resume of creation. 3…2…1, Boy Groove, Making Out, Metis Mutt, Billy, Faithless, Hockey Stories For Boys, Absolute Blue, Porn Star, Dead Man Talking, Su-Kat, Free-man On The Land, Woody, and Apocalypse Prairie, were all original Azimuth productions that were initially rehearsed and/or presented in The Living Room Play House.

Equally important is that we provided a space that was AFFORDABLE to independent and ad hoc producers like Panties Productions, Ribbit Productions, ETC Theatre Collective, Bedlam Theatre Concern, Theatre Yes, Kill Your Television, Pegasus Productions, Alberta Playwrights Network, Mile Zero Dance, Emergency Architect, Theatre Yes, The Maggie Tree, Rabid Marmot Productions, etc etc.

Since the space was built it has been particularly well used every year by Nextfest as a second performance venue featuring programs of theatre, high school productions, dance, and “new music” compositions. The space had also been used by numerous ad hoc groups for fundraisers, concerts, workshops and rehearsals. In its time it featured work from Winnipeg, Austria, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Yellowknife, Toronto, Montreal, St. John’s, Regina, and similarly work that premiered at The Living Room Playhouse then subsequently traveled the globe.

On June 30, 2014, Azimuth Theatre left the building, marking the end of the era of The Living Room Playhouse.