The Lobbyists Audition Call

Azimuth Theatre invites emerging performance artists passionate about physical/dance theatre and site-specific performance to audition for our the Lobbyist. Established in 2013, this program is a professional training opportunity culminating in a captivating performance as part of our annual Expanse Festival. Showcase your passion and dedication to physical/dance theatre, site-specific performance, and other performing avenues; we seek diverse experiences.


Our Lobbyist Program nurtures emerging physical/dance theatre talent and site-specific performance. It serves as a unique platform for artists seeking professional growth and exposure. This year, we’re thrilled to extend our program’s joy and magic beyond the traditional stage. From March 28th to April 4th, 2024, we are determined to bring our performance to the community, breaking boundaries and creating a lasting impact.



– **Deadline to Submit:** January 15th, 2024

-**All applicants will be notified whether they will receive an audition time or not.Submit your application by January 15th to

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

About Azimuth Theatre:

Azimuth Theatre is a spirit; independent, courageous, intimate, agile, and engaged. We create and present original Canadian performance that examines society and the human condition with a critical gaze.  We take risks in content and form, but we always bring care, artistry and compassion to the work, along with a genuine desire to expand the terrain of what we think we know.We believe in compassionate, rigorous, and honest conversation. We believe in making space for under-represented voices and contributing to removing barriers that prevent celebration and education surrounding diversity in our society.

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