The winds of change…

It is with great excitement for the future of Azimuth and all those who interact with our organization, to announce that we, Kristi and Vanessa, will be transitioning out of leadership to make these positions available for new vision to shape and mould the company.

We are very grateful for the immense growth that working for Azimuth has brought to us, and for all the artists and colleagues we have encountered and been profoundly affected by throughout our tenure. Now we are excited for its opportunity for regrowth and to make space for more leadership from the IBPOC communities.

Why announce this now, at a time of such deep uncertainty? Because we believe change in leadership positions can bring change in community and because we believe there is a great opportunity for newness, for a shift. That within uncertainty there also lies potential. Among the many things this time of COVID has brought to us all, some unexpected joys and some very deep pain, it has also provided us with a deep Disruption. In very real ways it has allowed us to ask ourselves and each other “what are we fighting to preserve, why, and how?” Who gets to make the decisions about what we rebuild is of vital importance.

We have a chance to pivot, collectively. To change our trajectory. To emerge transformed from this Disruption, this pause of routine that has illuminated further how precariously built our artmaking and organizational structures are. But in order to see alternative pathways, we have to first dismantle generations of learning how to create, defend, and preserve the very systems that are being called into question. We believe this pivot will have greater success when we learn to hear and empower voices that have been calling for change for so long.

Azimuth has always sought to address the needs expressed within its community. It has valued adaptability and agility. It was built to participate in change. This transition in leadership is full of potential. We have seen some INCREDIBLE work emerge during these times and are so excited for the discoveries that have been borne out of extreme limitations. We are excited for fresh guidance and passionate perspectives. We will offer support during this transition in any ways that are requested of us – while also acknowledging that our support may not be necessary. We took these positions as emerging producers. We were given opportunity, support, and encouragement. We have benefitted greatly from that. And now we are thrilled to offer the same to the next leaders at Azimuth Theatre.

Job posting will follow on June 30, 2020.

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