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Creation and Outreach Apprentice with One-on-One Mentorship

As part of  Expanse 2022
Presented by
Azimuth Theatre 

March 24th to April 3rd, 2022 

Each year the Expanse Festival brings together a diverse ensemble of emerging dancers and physical theatre performers to create and perform under the collective title The Lobbyists. The Lobbyist collective works together with Expanse Outreach Coordinator, Amber Borotsik to create and perform site-specific works both in and around Edmonton (sometimes outside) and in the lobby of the ATB Financial Arts Barns. 

This year we are seeking ONE Creation and Outreach Apprentice to work with Amber Borotsik, facilitating the Lobbyist Programming as well as outreach for the festival. 

This is an opportunity for one on one mentorship in creation,  facilitation, and project management. The chosen applicant will, among other things, be tasked with the creation of an original, site-specific work for an ensemble of emerging performers. Creating and fostering community is a key theme of this project.  

This is a paid opportunity.

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Ongoing Submissions

We are always looking for new adventures to embark on, new perspectives to voice, new artists to engage with, and previous collaborators to reconnect with. Got a good idea? An important idea? A scary idea? A weirdo idea? An ‘is this an idea?’ idea? Let’s chat about it. We like ideas – all kinds of them.

You can also send submissions via email to
Please use one of the following subject titles: Azimuth Project proposal; Artistic Database; Emerging Company Showcase proposal; Lobbyist Application.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Tell us a bit about the project and why you think it’s a good fit for Azimuth. Give us a sample of the piece if you’ve got one, or of your past work or a letter of support from an established community member. FYI, we like a well-defined and thought-out risk. Let us know what your risk is – a risk in form, content, artistic development, politic, etc. And let us know how you plan to engage with that risk.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to work with Azimuth. Give us your resume and, if you’ve got one, a picture of your lovely face…or your funny face…or your ‘I just woke up’ face…whatev’s. We like the YOU of you.

Visit the Expanse page for submission opportunities and information.

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