Expanse 2024

History Reimagined

Looking at our collective pasts – where do our journeys intersect? Paths move through history in winding roads leading us through the day-to-day. Knowing what you know now, is there a moment you want to share – explore – reimagine?
For the 2024 Season of Expanse, we are asking how do we find common understanding and connection through sharing the stories of our collective, personal and imagined histories. 

Applications close for Expanse 2024 Submissions – Closed

Expanse 2025


In 2025, we’re asking the question: how can our art expand beyond the boundaries of our respective artistic mediums?

2025 Intertwined is the exploration of the cross sections between artistic parallels, geography, and identity.


Extended Deadline

Applications close for Expanse 2025 Submissions – OCTOBER 1, 2023

Mainstage Applications - 2025 - NOW OPEN

Expanse is a 10-day Movement Arts Festival that focuses on body-based work from a cross-section of artists. Expanse offers opportunity, inspiration, education, and community for artists and audiences who share a love and curiosity in physical performance.

The festival has two main streams: a Performance Series of performance works by local, regional, national and international artists and the Expanse Community Outreach Program which encompasses a number of activities through which the festival interacts with the Edmonton Community at large.

The theme for 2024 – History Reimagined.
Theme for 2025 – Intertwined 

We support and encourage the sharing of space and stories from all bodies, lands and languages. Many experiences and stories have yet to be experienced and shared on our stages. We acknowledge this and actively strive to change it. All experience levels are welcome, from artists just starting their performing/creating practices to established artists in the community, we want to share in your work!


Submissions for this project are open to all. If you have yet to see your story on stage, we are here to listen, learn and create together.


We are a company that focuses on: 

  • Theatre 
  • Dance Theatre
  • Dance
  • New and Established Work
  • Play Readings 
  • Staged Readings
  • Performance Art 
  • Multimedia 
  • Workshops


If you have a piece that falls into the category and aligns with our theme of this coming year please do submit! We accept submissions that range from being seeds of ideas to those that are full-fledged productions. We are here to celebrate every stage of the process! Don’t let the idea of perfection impede you from submitting your work.

Other programs that are part of Expanse


Specifically For New Dance Creation, look to the Good Women Dance Collective Curation – Submission open now!


Specifically, to be a part of our Lobbyists Submissions Open – January 2023

For our mainstages, Azimuth Theatre acts as a presenter, meaning we will support producing companies and collectives by offering a presenting fee for performances. We also offer in-kind support (marketing, social media, ticketing, accessibility support, letters of support, etc.). 


These fees are negotiated based on industry standards as well as the needs of the specific projects. We are also happy to collaborate with co-productions and tours. 


Applications close for Expanse 2025 Submissions – October 1st 


Mainstage Applications are closed for Expanse 2024 Submissions 

We have completed our Expanse 2023 Submissions - Check Back on August 1st, 2022 for the 2024 Festival Call!