Fragmented Journeys

Produced by Fragmented Journeys Collective / Sandra Olarte

“We are always moving. Always leaving and arriving. Walking, dancing, traveling. We move from one room to the next one, from a philosophy or an idea that no longer defines us to a new one that better describes who we have become. From a place that is no longer home, to a land that promises a better future. From childhood to adulthood to old age, we are always on the move, changing, evolving, growing, until our final curtain call.”


A combination of aerial circus arts, contemporary dance, and theatre, “Fragmented Journeys” presents a series of glimpses into the everyday journey of life. The small interval of time the artists share with us is but a fragment of their personal journey.

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece?

(The seed of inspiration)

This piece was born from a commitment between aerial artists, dancers, clowns, and physical theatre performers to enhance each our ability to create multidisciplinary art. This collaboration is based on the premise that we can learn the movement language, research methods, and idiosyncrasies of each other to help expand our individual artistic practice while at the same time aiming to break the stereotypes imposed by the circus industry in particular, and the wider arts community.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At?

(What stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)

Given the nature of the work required when creating with an experimental aerial apparatus with no vocabulary attached to it, this project is more of a living organism that changes and flows as needed, it exists, it is alive, and it is constantly evolving.

Approximate or Estimated Duration: 

20 Minutes

Warnings or Content Advisories


Artist Credits

Writer – Philip Hackborn
Dance Dramaturgy – Deviani Andrea
Director /Producer – Sandra Olarte
Rayel Komant (aerial artist)
Anna Lubchenko (aerial artist)
Kendra Lywood (aerial artist)
Caitlin Mader (aerial artist)
Sandra Olarte (aerial artist)
Charece Pearman (aerial artist)
Kennedy Tkach (aerial artist)
Philip Hackborn (performer)

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Scott Rutledge, for his technical & creative support and providing the space that sparked the magic to happen. Thanks to Annie Dugan & Steph Gruson, from Firefly Theatre and Circus for making it possible to use their space for rehearsals.

Production History:

Two of the aerial artists, Caitlin and Sandra started working on this project conceptually since the summer. In October the concept became a physical object when we decided to create a piece with three ropes. Sandra was then able to entice Philip and Deviani to work with a bundle of eager-to-create-art aerial artists, and then apply to local festivals to showcase the wonderful impact of interdisciplinary collaboration in aerial arts. After founding that rigging three separate ropes wasn’t an option for innumerable reasons, the triple-corde was born. And Fragmented Journeys followed suit.