Policies and Incident Reporting Form

Incident Report Procedure

1. A person may file a harassment complaint by contacting Azimuth staff, a board member, or a trusted third party.

2. The complaint may be verbal or in writing.

3. If the complaint is made verbally, Azimuth Staff will record the details provided by the complainant to be approved or confirmed by the victim.

4. The person should be prepared to provide details such as what happened; when it happened; where it happened; how often and who else was present (if applicable), any resulting in harm. Complaints should be made as soon as possible. Circumstances that prevent a person from filing a complaint in a timely manner, including emotional safety or delayed discovery, will be respected and considered.

5. The Staff will inform the indicated person(s), either in writing or in person, that a complaint has been filed. The letter will also provide details of the assertions that have been made against them.

6. Every effort will be made to respond to complaints within 2 days.

7.  If a timely response is not possible, Azimuth staff will advise both parties of the reasons why. If either party to a complaint believes that the complaint is not being handled appropriately by this policy, they should contact Azimuth staff, Board of Directors or a trusted third party.

Azimuth Theatre Incident Reporting Contacts
Contact Name Relationship To Azimuth
Staff Contacts
Morgan Yamada Co-Artistic Producer
Sue Goberdhan Co-Artistic Producer
Board Contacts
Sarah Huffman Board Executive – Secretary
Krista Chiponski Board Executive – President
Third-Party Contact
Patrick Beagan Concrete Theatre

Incident Report Form

Circles representing a reporting structure, where an individual has multiple supports in terms of reporting incidents. The person who files the complaint is at the center and is surrounded by SM/Director/Union Rep., then the Artistic Producing Team, Board representative and separately is the trusted third party. These are your circles of support, you can directly reach out to any of theses circles and they are prepared to listen, and take action to remedy and address concerns, questions and support you to find appropriate next steps.

Report an Incident