Performance Lab

Performance Lab, Mondays, 6:30 - 8:00 PM. Traversing our azimuths together! Proudly in process. Text are layered on a background of a bright blue, indigo and orange galaxy.

Weekly, drop-in, pay-what-you-can, performance training and professional practice sessions.

Azimuth Theatre, in partnership with The Citadel Theatre and Foote Theatre School, is offering a professional ongoing performance training laboratory for artists who are interested in a long-term, exploratory, physical practice to enhance, supplement, and complement their performative and creative capacities. A blend of methodologies with guest facilitators throughout the year, these sessions are for artists who are committed to technique, discipline, curiosity, and play.

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The sessions are set at a professional training level; however, the only prerequisite for the class is a commitment to the rigours of the work. For actors, directors, creators, stage managers, playwrights, dancers, performance artists, teachers, technicians, visiting artists, emerging artists, as-yet-undefined artists, administrators, engaged and active community members.

We are open to and excited for feedback and requests. If there is someone you would like to have come in and lead a session, or a methodology you are interested in or something you would like to share, let us know.

Share your feedback or requests by clicking here or send us a message at to share your feedback and requests.

The drop-in sessions will run weekly Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM, starting in September.


Have a class you want to share?

Performance Lab is an opportunity to share experience and knowledge with our community from our community, it can be movement-based, text-based, production-based. If it is a skill that intersects with your artistic practice and you want to share it, we would love to learn more about it!

Rate: $150/1.5 Hour Class with optional informal chats following and set up time available before.

All work will be done with respect to our own COVID-19 Policy as well within government restrictions and guidelines.

We will be reviewing all applications and contacting folks as dates become available.

If you would like to learn more about Performance Lab, want to chat through a potential lab or any of our programming feel free to book a meeting with our producing team!

We support and encourage the sharing of space and stories from all bodies, lands and languages. Many experiences and stories have yet to be experienced and shared on our stages. We acknowledge this and actively strive to change it. If you have yet to experience your story on stage, we are here to learn and create lasting, meaningful change together.