Traversing The Azimuth

Azimuth Theatre has always been at the forefront of innovative storytelling, and our new multimedia branch is no different.

Traversing The Azimuth is a multi-disciplinary project that focuses on highlighting undercelebrated communities and artists through film, audio and more.

Exploring intersections – between different cultures, disciplines and perspectives.

Current & Upcoming Digital Events

What is the IN PROCESS Podcast?

For our premier episode, we sit down and chat with the artistic leaders of Azimuth Theatre, Morgan Yamada and Sue Goberdhan. we delve into their inspirations, their personal dreams and the work they are undertaking as they take the helm of this amazing company.


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Azimuth Original Video Projects

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! Stay tuned for some big things from us #azimuth #traverseyourazimuth⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Featuring Work From Azimuth Originals and the lovely teams:

Ray and Cora

Renderings and Storyboards by: Crunchy Animations

Story by: Andrés Moreno Directed by: Andrés Moreno


  • Ray: Michael Vetsch
  • Cora: Kijo Gatama
Stories From My Bed

Directed by: Andrés Moreno

Performer: Tatiana Duque Cinematography:

Alpacalypse Productions @Alpacalypse Productions

Deep Within

Director: Andrés Moreno

Film Team: Alpacalypse Productions

Starring: Bret Jacobs

Makeup: CJ Rowein ⁠


Made possible by funding from Canada Council For The Arts!

Azimuth Video Archive

A Year In Review

A look at the year that was for our 2020-2021 Season
Featuring Clips from All That Binds Us, Expanse 2021 and Performance Lab

Accessibility: English Captions