Azimuth Artist Highlight – Kaili Che

Kaili Che

Exciting news!

Check out the incredible work of our artistic collaborator, Kaili Che! They have created beautiful memories with us at Azimuth Theatre, including the premiere of their collaborative piece ‘did you eat yet?’ during Expanse Festival 2022 and their first Performance Lab in 2021. Kaili’s passion for dance shines through in their constant learning, sharing, and witnessing of others.

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Stay tuned for more updates on our incredible artistic collaborators! #AzimuthTheatre #ArtisticCollaborator #KailiChe

Favourite Memory or Experience you had working with Azimuth

I’ve had many beautiful memories working with Azimuth Theatre! My favourites would be when Alyssa (co-creator) and I premiered our collaborative work “did you eat yet?” during Expanse Festival 2022 and when I taught my first Performance Lab in 2021, online!

What excites you about Performance

What excites me about Dance is the constant learning, sharing, and witnessing of others.

Do you have past or upcoming work, projects, or interests you are excited to share with the Azimuth Community?

Past works/projects:
-“Eliminate Fast Fashion“, produced by TRAction, 1-minute video responding to a social and/or environmental challenge.

-“INTERWEAVE“, co-creation with Carla Alcántara, a physical theatre and contemporary dance duet that embraces play, laughter, and imagination.

Upcoming works/projects:
-“Marooned”, premiering January 2024 in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, AB), a contemporary performance with dance, music, text, and an immersive installation.

Check Out Their Work Here


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