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Performance Lab #6: Building an Audition Repertoire with Steven Greenfield

Building an Audition Repertoire for Actors/Performers

The Lab

Building an Audition Repertoire for Actors/Performers via Zoom: An introduction to assembling a book for music theatre auditions.

“Please prepare a…song that shows range…song from the Golden Age…pop/rock song…16-bar cut…”. Yikes! How often do you end up seeing an audition posting, and think “oh, no, now I need to learn a new song”?

This workshop will explore the first steps in putting together a diverse audition repertoire that can be used for all different types of audition requirements, researching new repertoire and building audition cuts.


ASL Interpretation and Auto-Generated Captions will be provided

Pay What You Will

Suggested Donation of $10

What Do You Need To Join?

A Device To Zoom In On

An Internet Connection

All participants should have pen and paper ready for some brainstorming exercises.

Participants who are interested in sharing an audition song in their current book or one that they would like to use in a future audition are invited to sing a cappella or using a karaoke-type track on an external device (not the same device that you are using to Zoom in).

This won’t be a requirement though, but may be a good jumping-off point for a discussion of other songs that might be good fits.

If participants have a current audition book, they are also invited to have that accessible to discuss the contents with the class.

About your Lab Instructor

Steven Greenfield

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